Gantz to Netanyahu: You are poisoning Israel

Blue and White leader launches fierce attack on PM Netanyahu, accuses him of creating culture of crime and fear.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Elad Malchah

Blue White Chairman Benny Gantz issued a statement to the media on Wednesday where he strongly attacked the Prime Minister.

"Netanyahu, look me in the eye. Look the citizens of Israel in the eye. In the name of your obsession with escaping trial, you are lying, lying, partying, dirty, spreading malicious rumors and incitement. Netanyahu - you are poisoning Israel," said Gantz.

Addressing Netanyahu, he added, "On March 17, you are going to sit on the defendants' bench, reading the indictment, under the heading 'State of Israel against Binyamin Netanyahu' and in the election campaign you launched the 'Binyamin Netanyahu attack against the State of Israel.' You blame me, a former chief of staff who fought for Israel's security for many years. You offered me the role of defense minister. Do you blame that person for fabricated recordings and hatred for our Druze brothers? You, who were trying to break the bloody covenant between us, that you were unwilling to introduce a small amendment to the Nationality Law or to add an equality law for them?"

"You, who extended my tenure as chief of staff and received reports from me on nervous nights - are spreading lies and absolute inventions on me? It was only a year and a half ago that you offered me to join the Likud and be your defense minister. Just two months ago, you called me into a partnership and offered me to be prime minister after you. Netanyahu - You have lost it and you don't deserve to be prime minister for one more day. I will not sit with you," Gantz declared.

He added, "I never exposed the sensitive and discreet conversations between us when I was a chief of staff and you are prime minister. I won't either, and you know why."

Gantz argued that Netanyahu uses intimidation policies. "We know the Netanyahu system. Everyone who faced you at home and abroad absorbed the slime and the slips: Silvan Shalom, Gideon Sa'ar, the late Ariel Sharon. And not just them. The attorney general you accused of staging an attempted coup. The state's attorney has security guards with him because of you as if he needed protection from the mafia. Judges and Knesset members are frightened and paralyzed. And always the same method. Just before the election, lies pop up, and an hour after they disappear."

"What you have been doing this past month is not a hate campaign - but a hate crime against democracy and Israeli society. Look at our wonderful country, the one that has grown from mutual guarantees, both good and bad. As a chief of staff, I have experienced how this country knows how to embrace during the difficult moments and rejoice in its achievements. This power, the uniqueness and the beauty - you destroy with your own hands," accused Gantz.

"You built and grew around you a culture of crime, of state witnesses. A culture of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. And for what? For your cousin, your confidant, to earn millions in a submarine deal? So you make millions from the stock deal? Today we find out and understand that you are pushing the Minister of Justice to bury this affair until the election. anything to escape the law and pass the law of escape,” the Blue and White chairman argued.

He said that even the Likud party is afraid of Netanyahu. "You took the great Likud movement and turned it and its people into a national theater. Every day I hear your Likud friends, who have become a rug under your feet, reading delusional slogans and falsehoods. I'm sure within their hearts, they're ashamed. You force them to act like a bunch of cowards. Worthy generals and worthy people who have become puppets in the defendant's army in bribery, fraud and breach of trust."

"Understand - I am not threatening. Neither Hamas, nor Hezbollah nor Iran. So surely not you. So I am not talking like you - Big Deal. While you are taking acting lessons in New York I defended this country and unlike you I still ask to do so. I "Netanyahu - this is your last chance to discover national leadership and responsibility and stop the slime, hatred and misfortune you are sowing in us," said Gantz.

The Blue and White chairman also accused the prime minister of intentionally suppressing voters during the election day. "I already know about Netanyahu's intention to disrupt the election day. He did so in text messages and false videos, and in the upcoming election he will do so in much more sophisticated ways. I urge the Election Commission to prepare and prepare - technology, personnel and appropriate organization. I demand that the Chairman of the Election Commission ensure the correctness of Election Day. They are lying, and I am sure that by the election they will continue to lie every day."

"I urge the citizens of Israel: not to deteriorate into these abysses. Do not go after the oiled lie machine from Balfour. Do not deteriorate into disgraceful discourse. Honestly, it is not pleasant to the public, and it is also unpleasant for me."