Mike Pence to attend AIPAC conference

US Vice President slams 'distasteful' comments by Bernie Sanders against AIPAC, refusal to attend pro-Israel conference.

Gary Willig ,

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

US Vice President Mike Pence will attend the annual AIPAC conference next week.

Pence took a swipe at Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the announcement over Sanders' refusal to attend the bipartisan conference.

"Looking forward to addressing AIPAC next week to share everything our Admin has accomplished for the people of Israel! Unlike distasteful comments by Bernie Sanders, AIPAC provides a bipartisan platform for strengthening the ties & protecting the bond between America & Israel," Pence tweeted.

Sanders stated that he was "concerned about the platform AIPAC provides for leaders who express bigotry and oppose basic Palestinian rights" in his refusal to participate in the conference.