Anarchist Jonathan Pollack takes part in riot one day after release

Radical left-wing activist and Ha'aretz employee Jonathan Pollack renewed participation in violent riots day after release from detention.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yonatan Pollack at riot
Yonatan Pollack at riot
Ad Kan

Arutz Sheva Staff reported that radical left-wing activist and Ha'aretz employee Jonathan Pollack renewed his participation in the violent riots against IDF soldiers in Kfar Kadum last Friday, just one day after being released from a two-month detention.

In a documentation of his behavior conducted by pro-Israel organization Ad Kan, Pollack and other anarchists were seen along with masked rioters throwing stones at IDF soldiers, burning tires, and participating in other acts of violence.

On a video making the rounds on social media, riot organizers appear to be congratulating Pollack on his release before the riot begins. Later, rioters are seen stoning IDF soldiers on the opposite side of the street, and army personnel being forced to use a tractor to disperse the violent protest.

This morning [Sunday], Ad Kan filed a complaint against Pollack and the other anarchists who participated in the rioting for assaulting police.