Poll: Left-wing - Arab bloc 58 seats, right-wing bloc 54

Netanyahu holds narrow lead over Benny Gantz for the premiership, but left-wing - Arab bloc widens lead over the Right to four seats.

David Rosenberg ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Elad Malka

A new poll released Friday shows the left-wing – Arab bloc opening up a four-seat lead over the right-wing bloc, though neither side has the 61 seats necessary to form a new government.

According to a poll conducted by Panels Politics and published by Maariv Friday morning, if new elections were held today, the center-left Blue and White party would defeat the Likud by a four-seat margin, 36 to 32, with the left-wing – Arab bloc holding a similar margin over the right-wing – religious bloc, with 58 seats to the Right’s 54.

Yisrael Beytenu, which has pushed for a unity government, would receive eight seats, the same number it won in the previous election and up one seat from last week’s Panels Politics poll.

On the Right, the Yamina party, an alliance of three small rightist factions, is projected to retain its seven seats – one seat less than last week’s Panels Politics poll projected for the party.

Otzma Yehudit, which failed to cross the 3.25% electoral threshold last election, would again fail to clear the threshold, receiving 2.6% of the vote, down from 2.8% in the previous poll.

United Torah Judaism, which won seven seats in September, would maintain its strength, while Shas would fall from nine seats to eight.

On the Left, the Labor-Meretz alliance would fall from the eleven seats the two parties won separately in September to eight seats.

The Joint Arab List is projected to gain one seat, rising from 13 to 14 seats.

The poll, which surveyed 536 respondents via the internet, also found that voters narrowly prefer Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as premier over challenger Benny Gantz, with 43% favoring the incumbent, compared to 39% who preferred Gantz.