Yehuda Glick:
'According to the police, I went too slow'

Why was former MK Yehuda Glick arrested?

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yehuda Glick
Yehuda Glick
Flash 90

Former Knesset Member Yehuda Glick told a radio interview on 103FM about his arrest earlier today during a tour of the Temple Mount.

"I did a really terrible crime, lucky there is no death penalty in Israel," Glick said sarcastically, noting that "according to the police, which is also what they told me during the interrogation, I went too slowly for their liking."

Glick laughed at the discriminatory attitude of the Israeli police towards religious Jews, saying that the police harassed them more than Muslims, tourists, and non-religious Jews.

"They told me the police officer told me to go fast and I made slow progress. I am accused of this," Glick claimed. "When I was released from detention, I was informed that within a few days, the region commander would make a decision whether to keep me away forever for incitement. You know the connection between walking slowly and inciting? I don't know."

"You know that the Temple Mount is 25 times larger than the Western Wall, and when you walk slowly you don't disturb any of the hundreds and thousands of people who were on the Temple Mount, tourists from all over the world. When the district chief came and saw me in handcuffs, he yelled at the cops and said 'what are you doing?! Get the cuffs off of him!' and said I wasn't arrested, only detained," Glick added.

"There is a district commander here who takes us back a few decades and unfortunately the last time the police incitement led to my assassination attempt in my life. I really hope this discrimination on the Temple Mount stops."

Asked if he accuses the police of declaring open season on him, Glick replied, "I blame the district commander Doron Yadid who in the past, as a more junior police officer, harassed me on the Temple Mount, and today he is a district commander and replaced Yoram Halevi who revolutionized time on the Temple Mount. For his conduct in the past where he sees the religious Jews who ascend to the Temple Mount enemies and annoyance that should be pushed aside and thrown away as quickly as possible from the Mount. This is something that needs to be stopped."

According to the Israel Police, "In the morning a visitor arrived to the Temple Mount accompanied by two members of the U.S. Congress and their families, who toured the Temple Mount and the visit ended without any unusual incidents. After a short time, the visitor returned to the Checkpoint at the entrance to the Temple Mount (Mugrabi Gate) and entered the Mount area without coordination with police officers. He began to walk around the Temple Mount contrary to the customary rules of the place, which he knew from his previous visits. He refused to obey police instructions and accompany them while continuing to provoke them, forcing them to detain him, and after continuing to provoke them, they had to inform him he was under arrest. At this point, too, he continued to do something that forced the police to handcuff him. He was released from shackles while still on the Mount and escorted by police for questioning.

"We note that over the past few months the same visitor came several times weekly to visit the Temple Mount, where almost every visit was accompanied by a provocation that often led to the failure of other visitors to join his group," police added.