IDF launches new 5-year program

'Tnufa' program' for 2020-2024 aims to enhance Israel's military edge, prepare for new threats.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

DM Bennett and Chief of Staff Kochavi
DM Bennett and Chief of Staff Kochavi
Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry

Tnufa, the IDF's new multi-year program (2020-2024), is underway.

In the past year, the IDF has undergone an intense and thorough process, during which dozens of teams worked to critically analyze the strategic-operational reality and the state of the IDF in relation to emerging threats and challenges.

As part of the process, the operating concept of striving for victory was emphasized, the whole purpose of which is to improve the effectiveness of the IDF's fighting prowess and to increase Israel's military advantage, and from which the program was formulated.

Alongside the lethal empowerment, the focus will be on strengthening preparedness and change, which will allow relevance to the new challenges in the arena.

The Tnufa plan was approved by the defense minister, presented to the government and soon to be approved by the political-security cabinet. It will replace the previous five-year-plan, Gideon, which expired at the end of 2019.