Gantz: Joint List will not be part of my government

Blue and White chairman says the gaps between he and the predominantly Arab party are too deep to bridge.

Elad Benari ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Elad Malka

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz said on Tuesday, after a tour of Arab towns in Israel, that his party would work to implement the “Deal of the Century”, the peace plan introduced by US President Donald Trump.

At the same time, Gantz noted, "In my tours, I also heard concerns about the recent discourse about the transfer of the Triangle to Palestinian hands. I want to take this issue off the table and state that no Israeli, Jewish or Arab citizen will be forcefully moved into the territory of another country."

"I know there are those who want the Arab citizens of Israel to stay at home on March 2 and not go out to vote. There are such extreme voices on the fringes of Arab society as well, and there are voices and actions on the right side of Jewish society that cooperate with them. This is a dangerous alliance," Gantz warned.

The Blue and White chairman emphasized the gaps between his party and the predominantly Arab Joint List party, saying, "There are deep disputes between me and the Joint List regarding the political, national and security issues of the State of Israel. Israel is the only Jewish and democratic country in the world, which needs to defend itself from the enemies outside. It cannot tolerate support for terrorism or avoiding condemnation of terrorism.”

Given this, Gantz continued, "I am not afraid to speak to any legitimate political party, but the Joint List will not be part of the government I will establish. My disagreements with its leadership on the national and security aspects alone are deep, difficult and unbridgeable."

"I intend to implement President Trump's peace plan, in coordination with all the elements in the region, and see it as a significant milestone," he added.