Jewish youth taken to administrative detention despite release by court minutes earlier

19-year-old Elia Ben-David arrested in order signed by DM Bennett. His lawyer: "Law enforcement has reached a new low."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Elia Ben-David
Elia Ben-David
Courtesy of Honenu

The district court on Monday night cleared for publication the details of the administrative detainee who was arrested in a signed order by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

The detainee, who was detained for a month without trial, is Elia Ben-David, 19, a resident of Nof Hagalil in northern Israel.

Ben-David is from a family well-known in the national religious community. His father, Rabbi Golan Ben David, is the director of the Talmud Torah religious boys school in the city.

In recent hours, a number of MKs from the Right have begun to turn to Bennett, demanding that he remove his signature from the arrest warrant and release Ben-David.

Earlier, the minister signed the arrest warrant, minutes after the Central District Court ordered the young man to be released from custody without restrictive conditions.

Ben-David was arrested last Sunday by the Shin Bet and issued an exceptional order prohibiting him from meeting an attorney. Yesterday, after the investigation did not lead to findings, District Court Judge Ido Dorian Gamliel ordered his release from detention without any limiting conditions. Minutes after his release, Shin Bet forces arrived and took him into administrative detention.

Attorney Adi Kedar of the Honenu Organization, which represents the boy, expressed shock over the conduct of the Shin Bet and the Minister of Defense.

"The law enforcement system reached a low today, during a hearing in which the district court ordered the release of a suspect while criticizing police and the Shin Bet.

“The police and Shin Bet, without notifying the court, which discussed the case and released the suspect, and notified him that it is releasing him - then go in the dark, in the inner rooms, literally kidnap him, and give him an administrative order written by no less than new Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who also joins the same community of people who are being condemned from wall to wall in Israel - the law enforcement system, the Prosecutor's Office, the police and the Shin Bet,” said Kedar, who made it clear that he would appeal to the court and demand that the situation be remedied.