Netanyahu attempting to erase Yamina

Prime Minister, realizing he will not win majority in elections, attempts to improve position in future negotiations on unity government.

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Bennett and Netanyahu
Bennett and Netanyahu
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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has met with rabbis in religious Zionism in recent days to persuade them to withdraw support for the Yamina Party headed by Minister Naftali Bennett ahead of the elections, Haaretz website reported.

According to the report, Netanyahu claimed to the rabbis that Bennett intends to cooperate with the Blue and White Party.

Netanyahu has changed strategy for the Yamina Party in the past week, after realizing that the Right-leaning bloc will not win a majority to form a government even after the next election.

As a result, he is trying to strike right now in an attempt to rake in more Likud votes and become the largest party to reach a unity government with Blue and White from a better negotiating position.

Earlier today, Transport Minister Betzalel Smotrich wondered why Netanyahu chooses to damage his own camp.

"Can anyone explain the strategy of the national camp leader who, instead of trying to increase the Right bloc and bring in 61 seats, chooses to shoot within the tank and attack his most natural partners?", Smotrich asked on Twitter.