Policeman lightly wounded in terror attack near Temple Mount

Border Police officer wounded in shooting attack in J'lem Old City. Terrorist neutralized by other officers who arrived. Victim evacuated.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of attack
Scene of attack
Police Spokesperson

A police officer was wounded at noon on Thursday near one of the Temple Mount gates, and his condition is defined as light.

According to police, "A short while ago an attacker approached police at the Lion's Gate and fired on them, as a result of which a Border Police officer was wounded in the hand and evacuated to the hospital in light condition."

"Additional police arrived quickly and fired at the attacker, neutralizing him. The Commander of the Jerusalem District, Doron Yedid, is at the scene and is appraising the situation with district command," police added.

MDA reported on a 38-year-old man who was apparently injured during an attempted attack at Faisal Gate near the Temple Mount. Medics are giving him medical treatment and evacuating him to the hospital as he suffers from a hand injury.

MDA medic Yisrael Weingarten described: "When we arrived at the scene we joined security forces. The injured person was there, fully conscious, suffering from a hand injury. We loaded him into an intensive care ambulance, gave him first aid including bandaging and administering painkillers, and evacuated him to the hospital in light and stable condition for further treatment."