Mitt Romney will vote to convict Trump

On the final day of arguments by senators in the impeachment trial of President Trump Sen. Mitt Romney says he will vote to convict.

Gary Willig ,

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has decided to vote to convict US President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial against the president Wednesday.

Romney will be the only Republican to vote to convict Trump.

The senator called Trump's conduct in the Ukraine controversy an attempt to interfere in the upcoming American presidential elections.

There is nothing more severe or egregious to our Constitution than corrupting an election,” he said. “In a democratic republic like ours, taking action to corrupt an election process is about as abusive an attack on the Constitution as I can imagine.”

"I don’t see how in good conscience I can reach a conclusion and not be true to what my heart and mind tells me is true,” Romney added.

A majority of 67 senators would be required to vote to convict the president to remove him from office. The remaining 52 Republican senators are expected to vote to acquit Trump. The vast majority of Democratic senators are expected to vote to convict, with a handful remaining undecided.

The vote will take place at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.