Sovereignty Movement campaign:
'Sovereignty –Yes! A Palestinian State- Never!'

Sovereignty Movement embarks on campaign calling on government ministers to vote unilaterally for sovereignty, against Palestinian state.

Mordechai Sones ,

Sovereignty Movement campaign
Sovereignty Movement campaign
Sovereignty Movement

The Sovereignty Movement embarked this morning on a new billboard and media campaign calling on Israeli government ministers to vote unilaterally for sovereignty and against a Palestinian state.

As part of the campaign, a "Sovereigntymobile" will pass throughout the country with signs calling in Hebrew and English: To the Government of Israel. The Nation supports you. Make history Now! Sovereignty – Yes. A Palestinian State- Never!

The Sovereigntymobile campaign will be accompanied by billboards and publicity material to be distributed at various points around the country, with a most urgent appeal to government ministers to recognize the greatness of the historic hour and the opportunity to promote the sovereignty vision.

Sovereignty Movement heads Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar call upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to implement his announcement that Israeli law will be applied as a first stage to the Jordan Valley, the Northern Dead Sea, and all the Jewish communities and that this move will be brought to government approval at its upcoming meeting. "That is real sovereignty!", they said.

Katsover and Matar talk about the recent survey conducted by Direct Polls for the Sovereignty Movement, and from it comes a definite conclusion that an absolute majority of Right-leaning voters believe sovereignty should be taken as a unilateral step even without international consent. The poll states that 89 percent of Right-leaning voters hold that position, which has remained consistent throughout the years.

“The law gives the Israeli government the power to make the move and the opinion of leading jurists states that there is no impediment to make the move even during a transitional government," they say.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu has the power to enter the history books as one of the leading and most influential leaders of the State of Israel for generations. The people of Israel expect Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government to lead to the next level of the Zionist vision, the sovereignty level," comment Katsover and Matar.

The two warn that delaying the course of sovereignty for the day after the election "will have an adverse effect, G-d forbid, on the outcome of the elections."

Sovereignty Movement campaign leaflet
Sovereignty Movement