Greenblatt: Peace plan cannot progress until Israeli elections

Former US Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt asks Israeli opponents of Palestinian state as part of peace plan what their plan would be.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jason Greenblatt
Jason Greenblatt
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Former US Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt gave a briefing on Wednesday to the North American Jewish Federations on the Trump Administration's newly revealed Middle East peace plan.

Greenblatt said that the plan, which he helped draft, differs from past peace proposals because "it wasn't afraid to tell hard truths."

"Without Palestinian engagement, the plan itself cannot be implemented. Without both sides being involved, a peace plan cannot be put forward. We do have the four-year period where the Palestinians have the opportunity to create what they have been asking for for a very long period of time," Greenblatt stated.

"The Palestinians living in refugee camps need to understand that this plan can get them out of this place and change their lives and make their lives a better life," he said.

Greenblatt also had a message for the Israeli right. "For those against the Palestinian state, my question is 'So what now?' I think something needs to happen. I don't think it's stable to maintain the status quo, and I think it will only worsen Israel's long-term situation."

"What do you expect the next steps to be? On the Israeli side, the election issue has to go through, but until then there will be no progress on the plan. We will have to wait and see. There is still much work to be done with the Israeli government, but the Israelis are quite united on this issue." Greenblatt concluded.