Saudi Arabia calls for Israel-PA talks under US auspices

Saudi Arabia calls for peace negotiations in order reach agreement that "achieves the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people".

Elad Benari ,

King Salman
King Salman

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry commented on the peace plan for Israel and the Palestinian Authority which was unveiled by US President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

“In light of the announcement, the Kingdom reiterates its support for all efforts aimed at reaching a just and comprehensive resolution to the Palestinian cause,” it said in a statement, noting that “the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been at the forefront of the efforts in support of the brotherly Palestinian people, and in standing by their side in all international forums to attain their legitimate rights.”

“Among these efforts was the presentation of the Arab Peace initiative in 2002, which stressed, in clear terms, that a military solution to the conflict has not brought peace or security to any party, and that comprehensive and just peace is a strategic option,” the Foreign Ministry in Riyadh continued.

“The Kingdom appreciate the efforts of President Trump’s Administration to develop a comprehensive peace plan between the Palestinian and Israeli sides; and encourages the start of direct peace negotiation between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, under the auspices of the United States, and to resolve any disagreements with aspects of the plan through negotiations, in order to move forward the peace process to reach an agreement that achieves the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people,” the statement concluded.

Saudi Arabia's King Salman earlier on Tuesday spoke to Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the Saudi state news agency reported.

During the conversation, Salman reassured the Kingdom's commitment to the “Palestinian issue and Palestinian rights”, according to the report.

Abbas was quick to reject the Trump peace plan, saying it would be relegated to the "dustbin of history."