Report: White House opposes 'unilateral' Israeli annexation

Trump admin. believes Israeli annexation moves could harm efforts to secure support of Arab states.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu meet in White House
Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu meet in White House

The White House has made it clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that it opposes immediate unilateral measures following the presentation of the Trump plan as annexation of the Jordan Valley or other parts of Judea and Samaria, according to three Israeli and American sources, Channel 13 News correspondent Barak Ravid said.

The White House's position was also made clear to Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz when he stressed to President Trump that he believes implementation of the Deal of the Century can only happen after the Israeli elections.

The main reason for US opposition to annexation moves is their desire to gain the support of as many Arab states as possible for the Trump plan, Ravid reported.

Some Arab states have already announced to the White House that they will issue positive messages about the plan and call it a "good start" and the White House believes that Israeli annexation measures will curtail Arab support for the plan.

In addition, the White House knows that the Palestinian Authority will reject the plan outright but wants to allow them space to change their minds over time. The White House intends to make it clear that the PA have a few years to return to the negotiating table thinking that if Trump wins the upcoming US elections, they will reconsider and be ready to discuss the plan.

Therefore, the White House wants to preserve this maneuvering space with the PA and not to close it permanently with Israeli annexation moves.

The third reason for American opposition to Israeli annexation moves is the position of the Jordanian King Abdullah who strongly opposes it and even threatens that annexation of the Jordan Valley by Israel would break the peace agreement with Israel. The White House did not deny it but refused to comment.