First time: Israelis will be permitted to enter Saudi Arabia

Interior Minister Deri signs order permitting Israelis to travel to Saudi Arabia, provided there is no party that would prevent such a trip.

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Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri signed an order permitting Israelis to leave for Saudi Arabia for the first time, in accordance with his authority under section 7 of the Entry into Israel Law.

The decision is being coordinated with security forces, the Foreign Ministry, the National Security Council and other relevant bodies.

According to the order, a permit to leave for Saudi Arabia will be allowed on two occasions: For religious worship during the “Hajj” period and observance of the “Umrah” pilgrimage, and for business meetings or investment-seeking for up to 9 days - provided the applicant has arranged his entry to Saudi Arabia and holds an invitation from an official.

It should be noted that the granting of the permit to Saudi Arabia is conditional on the fact that there is no reason preventing the trip of the applicant from any other party.