Deputy Qatari envoy enters Gaza

Monthly Qatari grant to be distributed to needy families in Gaza despite renewed incendiary balloon attacks on Israel.

Elad Benari ,

Financial aid as part of $480 million in aid allocated by Qatar, in Gaza
Financial aid as part of $480 million in aid allocated by Qatar, in Gaza
Flash 90

The Deputy Head of Qatar’s Gaza Rehabilitation Committee, Khaled Haradan, entered the Gaza Strip on Tuesday evening, Palestinian Arab media reported.

The purpose of the visit is to distribute the monthly Qatari grant to needy families in Gaza, which is scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

Israel has previously allowed several installments of $15 million in Qatari money to enter Gaza.

Following criticism over the Qatari money going to Hamas, the Qatari envoy announced his country will no longer fund salaries of Hamas employees in Gaza and would instead donate the remaining $60 million in aid mostly through United Nations programs.

This time, the distribution of the funds will take place despite the renewal of Hamas' incendiary balloon attacks against Israel.

On Sunday, explosives attached to balloons landed in the southern city of Sderot.

On Monday, an explosive device attached to balloons was located near the central city of Beit Shemesh.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, IDF soldiers shot and neutralized three terrorists who infiltrated from Gaza into Israeli territory near Kibbutz Kissufim.