Motti Yogev steps down: Rabbi Peretz stole the party

MK Yogev leaves politics, attacks Jewish Home chairman: "Rafi Peretz does not deserve to be a public envoy."

Hezki Baruch ,

Motti Yogev
Motti Yogev

MK Motti Yogev (Jewish Home) announced on Wednesday night that he is stepping down from the Yamina list in the elections for the 23rd Knesset, after being placed in the 11th spot on the united New Right-Jewish Home-National Union list.

"Rabbi Peretz's word means nothing," Yogev charged following Peretz’s decision to secure a spot for journalist Sara Beck at the expense of Yogev. “A party whose people are not true to their word and path will not see a blessing.”

He attacked the Jewish Home chairman and Education Minister, saying, “Rabbi Peretz does not deserve to be a public envoy. The party leader used the constitution to steal the party from its elected officials and voters. I decided not to run for the current Knesset. The Jewish Home led by Rafi Peretz has lost its way."

"Party leader Rafi Peretz has revealed, throughout his political life, dishonesty, lack of leadership, and acted contrary to the will of the public in whose name he was elected, he does not deserve to be a public envoy,” continued Yogev.

“After many efforts to work together and with integrity, in a reality in which chairman Rafi Peretz does what he wants with lists of candidates, I have decided not to run for the current Knesset, in a party headed by a person who is dishonest to say the least and does not act according to the values of truth, justice and friendship.”

“Along with the members of the Jewish Home, we will rehabilitate the religious Zionist party - in order that it goes back to representing, a true representation, the wider religious Zionist public. I will continue to faithfully serve the people of Israel and religious Zionism, there are many more tasks ahead of us,” Yogev concluded.