Labor approves agreement with Meretz

Amir Peretz: When we approve agreement for joint run with Meretz, the dreams of another right-wing government will end.

Ben Ariel ,

Amir Peretz speaks before Labor Central Committee
Amir Peretz speaks before Labor Central Committee

The Labor Party Central Committee on Tuesday approved by a large majority the Labor-Gesher-Meretz agreement on a joint run in the elections for the 23rd Knesset.

Speaking before the members of the Committee, party chairman MK Amir Peretz said, “This evening, when we approve our historic agreement and unite into one list - Labor-Gesher-Meretz, then the warning lights will come on in the Jewish Home and in the office of Avigdor Liberman. A siren will be heard on Balfour Street. The dreams of another right-wing government will end."

"In the alliance with Gesher, we established the social conscience of Israel. And today, in our alliance with Meretz, we are establishing the political compass for Israel, and starting tomorrow we can proudly hoist the two flags - the flag of social justice and the flag of peace."

Peretz added, "I have a few things to say about my friends from Blue and White. This is a right-wing party. A moderate, statesmanlike, decent right-wing - but right-wing."

"The framework named Blue and White was very successful in April and September, but it's a framework - it's hardware, good hardware. But the software is not at all clear. It's a system without an operator and we have to be the core. There are good people in Blue and White, but we, Labor-Gesher-Meretz, will ensure the necessary change - social conscience and a political compass. We will lead, and we will navigate," Peretz stressed.