Elevator drowning victims tried to call for help as water rose

Police reveal couple who drowned in Tel Aviv elevator attempted to call for help, but the call did not go through.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

diving into flooded elevator
diving into flooded elevator
יחידת תיעוד מבצעי כב"ה מחוז דן

The investigation into the 'elevator disaster' in which a young couple drowned in a flooded elevator in south Tel Aviv continued.

Kan News reported that police investigators updated family members that the victims Dean Shoshani and Stav Harari attempted to call for help from the elevator at 12:38 a.m on January 4, but the call failed to go through.

Testimony from one of the neighbors revealed that she heard the two screaming minutes after the elevator became stuck. She said that after 20 minutes their cries stopped.

Shoshani and Harari were killed last Saturday after the elevator in the building where they live on Nadav Street in the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Hatikva was flooded with water.

The firefighters who arrived at the scene a long time after the elevator got stuck removed the two from the elevator in critical condition, and their deaths were determined shortly thereafter.

The elevator became trapped on the basement floor of the building and the two drowned in it after the entire floor was flooded with water following the drainage failures amid the unusually heavy rains.