Zionist NGO slams inclusion of "anti-Israel groups" at 'No Hate. No Fear' march in NYC

American Forum for Israel blasts inclusion of "far-left anti-Israel groups" at march against anti-Semitism in NYC. "They should be shunned.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Thousands rally in New York against anti-Semitism
Thousands rally in New York against anti-Semitism
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The American Forum for Israel, a member organization of the American Zionist Movement, the American affiliate of the World Zionist Organization, decried the participation of what they definded as "anti-Israel organizations" like IfNotNow and the Jewish Voice for Peace at the “No Hate. No Fear” rally against anti-Semitism held in New York on Sunday.

“These organizations should be persona non grata and should be shunned by all mainstream Jewish and Zionist organizations, not welcomed on a march against anti-Semitism,” Dr. Dmitry Shiglik, Chairman of the American Forum For Israel, who participated in the rally, said. “They are by their nature supporting anti-Semitic initiatives and partner with anti-Semites. Their role is purely to divide the Jewish People and to stand against its unity.”

“You can not pretend to stand in solidarity with Jews when you stand against the Jewish State and Jewish communities in its indigenous and ancestral homeland. This is a hypocrisy and a contradiction, and we should not be afraid to say so.”

The American Forum for Israel is running a slate in the upcoming World Zionist Congress elections under the banner “Defend your people. Empower Israel!”, calling itself an alternative to what it describes as an "increasingly left-wing Jewish establishment" that is "critical of Israel, supportive of dangerous concessions to the Palestinian Authority and in agreement with a capitulation by the West to Iran."

“Their Zionism is about concessions, submission and weakness,” Dr. Shiglik said, about the liberal Jewish establishment. “Unfortunately, they are in control and place Jews who want a strong, proud and successful Israel on the sidelines, and try and keep us out. However, we want to stop this and have our voice heard. We have an opportunity to say enough, we will no longer accept this contempt and disdain.

“We should stand up proudly and say it is our time, it is time for our Zionism. Our Zionism is about strengthening Israel, it is about standing unequivocally with Israelis against their enemies, and it is about ensuring an unbreakable partnership between Israel and the Diaspora. It is about fighting Antisemitism in all of its manifestations, including anti-Zionism.”