Non-Jew visits Brooklyn hasidic synagogue

Roy Germano: 'I recently visited a Jewish synagogue located near my home in Brooklyn. Go inside with me to see what I saw.'

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Orthodox Jews in South Williasmburg, Brooklyn
Orthodox Jews in South Williasmburg, Brooklyn
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Author, immigration documentary maker, and Brooklynite Roy Germano wrote: "I live a few blocks from a Hasidic Jewish community in Crown Heights, Brooklyn that has unfortunately been the target of a rise in hate crimes over the past year.

"My friend Rabbi Yoni Katz shows me around his community as we talk about finding one's purpose and fighting hate by getting to know each other."

Rabbi Yoni Katz was born in Netanya, Israel and is now a Brooklynite. Several years ago, he launched a campaign called “Unite the Beards” to unify the various demographics that were rapidly changing the face of Brooklyn.