Naama Issachar intends another appeal

After Moscow district court dismisses her appeal on 7.5 year prison sentence, Israeli intends appeal to higher court.

Mordechai Sones ,

Naama Issachar appeal in Moscow court
Naama Issachar appeal in Moscow court
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Yaffa Issachar, mother of Naama Issachar who is imprisoned in Russia, will once again challenge in her daughter's name her drug-smuggling conviction and heavy seven-and-a-half year prison sentence.

On Thursday, the district court dismissed Issachar's appeal and ruled she would serve the full sentence.

The young woman now intends to appeal to a higher court in Moscow.

Naama met her mother today in the Russian prison and the two discussed options and next steps. Naama told her mother during the conversation: "I won't give up; even if we don't believe in the justice system, if I don't dispute it it's as if I'm pleading guilty."

The Issachar family intends to act in two ways: The first is by way of a petition requested by Naama, and the other is examining an appeal to the International Human Rights Tribunal in Strasbourg, France.

Issachar has been in prison in Russia for nine months and the harsh punishment she received for a minor offense has prompted state leaders to intervene in her favor, including the President and Prime Minister.