Israelis detained at Moscow airport - again

Dozens of Israeli travelers barred from entering Russia, just days after similar case saw Israelis detained for 10 hours.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Moscow airport
Moscow airport

Dozens of Israeli travelers were barred from entering Russia for several hours after arriving at Moscow Domodedovo International Airport Tuesday morning.

Tuesday’s incident mirrors a similar case last week when dozens of Israelis were detained at passport control after disembarking from an El Al flight to Moscow.

Days before that, a delegation of eight Israeli businessmen were barred from entering Russia after disembarking in Moscow, and were ultimately forced to cancel their trip and return home.

While the Israelis attempting to pass through passport control were not given an explanation for the delays, the Russian Embassy in Israel hinted at a possible reason for the delays.

"According to the information we have, until December 1, 5,771 Russian tourists were not allowed to enter Israel," the Embassy said. "In October this year alone, 568 Russian tourists were refused entry into Israel, and in November 569 Russian tourists [were refused entry]. Each day, 20 tourists who arrive in Israel with money and an organized tour are detained and sent back to Russia."

Last week, Israel's Foreign Ministry responded that it is "investigating the issue with the Russian Foreign Ministry, and working in order to allow Israeli tourists and businessmen to be able to continue and enter Russia, as it was until now. This is especially [true] since it is clear that both countries have a shared interest in encouraging mutual tourism and bilateral business connections."