Likud court: Primaries for list must be maintained

In doing so, tribunal accepts that decision to revoke primaries for Knesset list was passed by Likud in largely unsatisfactory manner.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Likud Central Committee (archive)
Likud Central Committee (archive)

The Likud court today issued its ruling on petitions submitted to it for the third round of elections, stating that primaries should be held for Knesset faction leadership, not just for movement leadership.

In doing so, the Tribunal accepted that the decision to revoke the primaries for the Knesset list was passed by the Likud Central Committee with a majority that is insufficient to provide for changing the bylaws.

However, the decision of the current tribunal is not the end of the case, and under the Likud's bylaws it can be appealed to an extended composition of the movement's court.