Sa'ar: Netanyahu won't lead us to power again

MK Gideon Sa'ar launches campaign for Likud leadership.

Hezki Baruch ,

MK Gideon Sa'ar
MK Gideon Sa'ar
Hezki Baruch

bout a thousand people arrived on Monday evening at the opening event in Or Yehuda of MK Gideon Sa’ar’s campaign ahead of the primaries for the leadership of the Likud party.

Among the participants were MKs Haim Katz, Yoav Kisch, Sharren Haskel, Michal Shir and Etty Atia and former Knesset members Nurit Koren, Yehuda Glick and Yechiel Hazan.

Sa'ar said in his remarks, "This is not an ordinary gathering. It is an evening of new hope, an evening that symbolizes a desire for renewal, which is driven out of a great love for Likud and the State of Israel. People came here not because of interests but because of great faith - and those who believe are not afraid."

"The Likud is my home. It is our joint home. I represent its members for the sixth time in this Knesset. When Prime Minister Ariel Sharon left the movement and founded Kadima, I fought for the life of the movement in the most difficult moments in its history," added Sa'ar.

Referring to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Sa’ar said, "There is no one who did more than me so that we survive, return to power and lead Israel. No one knows this better than Prime Minister Netanyahu. There is not one person for whom I did more in politics than Binyamin Netanyahu and I do not regret it. He is one of the great leaders of the State of Israel and one of the most important Prime Ministers we have had. Even when he hurt me, even when he persecuted me. He rewarded me with bad for the good that I did."

"Netanyahu brought us to power four times, but there won't be a fifth. The right-wing majority is shrinking and not because our position is not accepted [among the public]. Voting for me means establishing the next Likud-led government and voting for Netanyahu is a vote for the next chairman of the opposition," continued Sa’ar.

"We must lead reforms in the court and enact the overrule clause. We must split the role of the Attorney General, strengthen the rights of the weak, and have real oversight of the prosecutor's office. We must hold a public hearing before a Supreme Court judge is appointed.”

"The Likud should lead a war against regulation and reduce the cost of living. Change the national priorities and strengthen the periphery - because that is the right thing to do. We must ensure the settlement and our grip on Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley. We have to do this in deeds and not in speeches and adopt the Edmund Levy Report. The Palestinian takeover of Area C must be fought and Israeli sovereignty and law must be applied in Judea and Samaria. And perhaps most importantly, we must unite our people - the people of Israel,” said Sa’ar.

He asked his supporters to refrain from responding to the criticism against them. "Do not be dragged into these provocations by those who are trying to hurt me. Be careful with the dignity of our leader, Binyamin Netanyahu - do not be dragged into a difficult exchange as we have experienced in recent days. Defamation does not speak to us."