Edelstein, Erdan not expected to back either Netanyahu or Sa'ar

Minister Erdan, Knesset Speaker expected not to choose a side in the primaries for the Likud leadership.

Ben Ariel ,

Gilad Erdan
Gilad Erdan
Hezki Baruch

Two senior Likud lawmakers, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, continue to remain silent when it comes to the primaries for the party leadership.

At present, Edelstein and Erdan are not expected to support either of the candidates - Gideon Sa'ar and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Channel 12 News reported on Sunday evening that the two are expected to choose not to declare support for either candidate, knowing that if they support Sa’ar and he wins - they would be unable to run for the leadership of the Likud in the near future. If Sa’ar loses, they could be subjects of “revenge” from the winning camp in the future.

In addition, as far as Erdan and Edelstein are concerned, standing up to the prime minister is not a marginal and insignificant move. Erdan is primarily considering his public status and, in Edelstein's case, every decision has a bearing on the large public of Likud members identified with him.

Meanwhile, MK Sharren Haskel on Sunday evening announced her support for Gideon Sa'ar in the primaries.

"I believe that Gideon Sa'ar can maintain the power of the Likud as a leading party, a ruling party," Haskel wrote on Facebook. "Sa'ar represents the principles of the Likud, the national-liberal party, most faithfully, and I view him as a partner for the national and liberal values ​​in the name of which I was elected to the Knesset and which I pledged to promote. I am sure he will succeed in getting the country out of the governmental crisis and the paralysis it is in."