Man arrested for anti-Semitic abuse on London bus

Suspect shouts anti-Semitic tirade at man reading prayer book on bus before assaulting him.

Gary Willig ,

Police in London
Police in London

A man was arrested for a hate crime after subjecting a Jewish man to anti-Semitic abuse on a London bus, the Guardian reported Sunday morning.

The incident occurred on December 6 when the suspect boarded a bus in Hackney, near the heavily Jewish neighborhood of Stamford Hill.

The victim was reading a prayer book when the suspect began shouting an anti-Semiitc tirade at him. The suspect then verbally abused a pair of teenage girls, prompting the first first victim to intervene.

At that point the suspect assaulted him and struck him in the arm.

The suspect, who was identified by CCTV surveillance, was arrested on Friday.