Report: Erdan considering supporting Sa'ar

Sa'ar recently had personal contacts with Erdan, although the two were once considered potential rivals for Likud leadership.

Mordechai Sones ,

Erdan(st.), Sa'ar
Erdan(st.), Sa'ar
Flash 90

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, considered one of the Likud's senior ministers, is considering supporting Gideon Sa'ar in the prime ministerial primaries that will take place in two weeks' time, according to Reshet Bet.

According to the report, Sa'ar recently had personal contacts with Erdan, despite the fact that the two were previously considered potential rivals for Likud leadership.

As a result, activists close to Sa'ar are trying to persuade Erdan to support Sa'ar. Erdan himself has maintained silence since the indictment against Netanyahu was announced.

In a Reshet Bet interview this morning, Sa'ar addressed the expected primaries in the Likud and the run for the next elections: "The political system in Israel has fallen to a low. The only thing that's important is to prevent deterioration."

Sa'ar claimed that heavy pressures are being put on senior Likud officials not to publicly support him, "I have a lot of support among Likud members and local Likud heads. They're being pressured not to support me publicly. Brutal pressures.

"I wish I had a caressing communication style like the Prime Minister has. I don't know another politician in Israel who the media echoes his messages like Netanyahu. All to create a situation that has only one option,” Sa'ar added.

Meanwhile, it was announced this morning that Sa'ar had appointed MK Yoav Kish, who announced his support for him, to head his run in the Likud primaries.