NJ A-G: We won't discuss motives of shootings at this time

New Jersey Attorney General describes 'long, protracted shootout' at Jersey City kosher supermarket.

Gary Willig ,

Scene of attack in Jersey City
Scene of attack in Jersey City
Isaac Wolner

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal gave a press conference Wednesday on the shooting at the JC kosher supermarket in Jersey City yesterday.

Four people were killed in the shooting, including one police officer and three civilians, two of whom were from the local hasidic community.

"It's believed that at some point yesterday, two individuals encountered and killed Jersey City Police Detective Joseph Seals at the Bayview in Jersey City," Governor Grewal stated. "The two suspects are David N. Anderson, age 47, date of birth October 20, 1972, and Francine Graham, age 50, date of birth April 28, 1969. Both of them are deceased."

"Thereafter, at approximately 12:21 PM, a white U-haul van driven by Mr. Anderson parked directly across the street from the JC kosher supermarket, which is approximately one mile from the cemetery. Within seconds of arriving, Mr. Anderson exited the driver's side door of the U-haul with a rifle in his hand. He walked towards the JC kosher supermarket and immediately began shooting. Miss Graham, the passenger in the van, followed Mr. Anderson into the store. From that point on, until the conclusion of the event, the two suspects remained inside the supermarket.

Grewal identified the victims inside the store. "Inside the supermarket, the suspects encountered four civilians. Three of these civilians were killed, while one survived a gunshot wound."

"Those killed were Mindy Ferencz, age 32, date of birth December 23, 1987, Miguel Douglas, age 49, date of birth, February 8, 1970, Moshe Deutsch, age 24, date of birth, July 7, 1995."

He refused to name the survivor of the shooting, who escaped the store soon after the suspects broke into the building.

"A long, protracted shootout followed, and at approximately 3:25 PM, a police armored vehicle broke through the entryway of the supermarket. At approximately 3:47 PM, the law enforcement incident ended when the officers discovered the bodies inside the supermarket."

He refused to comment on the motive for the shooting at the supermarket.