Paris: Man beaten unconscious for being Israeli

2 attack Israeli, beat him unconscious in Paris subway after hearing him speaking Hebrew on the phone.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The Israeli victim
The Israeli victim
picture taken from Facebook page of French MP Meir Habib

An Israeli man was beaten unconscious while traveling in the Paris subway system.

The 31-year-old man was attacked after two suspects heard him speaking in Hebrew over the phone. The victims said: "They punched me several times. My glasses were broken and I lost consciousness."

The victim was treated at the hospital.

French MP Meir Habib responded to the attack in a Facebook post, writing: "In recent hours, I have been in continuous contact with the Israeli young man who has suffered anti-Semitic attacks, clearly stemming from hatred for Israel. While leaving a Hebrew voice message for his father with WhatsApp, the student, who is studying in a curriculum at the HEC Academic Center, was brutally beaten - to the point of losing consciousness - by two people of African descent in the middle of a train station full of people."

Habib added that the young man was taken to hospital for bleeding and shock, his nose broken and his face bruised, and that as part of the treatment, he needed face stitches.

"I spoke to the young man several times today. He is traumatized, and so is his family. He has allowed me to post some blurry pictures of his injured and bruised face. Currently, he is filing a complaint at the Tenth District police station. The victim still remembers several identifying details about his attackers," Habib added.

Vice Chairman of the World Zionist Organization Yaakov Hagoel said in response to the incident that "unfortunately it is dangerous to identify as a Jew on the streets of the world. Enough with this Jew-hatred."