IDF dispatches aid delegation to Albania

IDF dispatches delegation of ten experts to Albania following the earthquake there.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Col. Golan Vach
Col. Golan Vach
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF Spokesperson announced on Tuesday morning that, in accordance with government directives and with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an IDF aid delegation has departed to assist in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Albania.

The delegation consists of ten experts, both in mandatory and reserve service from the Home Front Command. They will estimate the damages caused and provide engineering assistance in the field as well as in the organization and management of the situation.

The delegation is led by the Commander of the National Rescue Unit in the Home Front Command, Col. (res.) Golan Vach.

Following a situation assessment and based on discussions with local officials, it appears that damage evaluation and engineering assistance would be the most needed components to handle the disaster. The delegation will perform a thorough evaluation of the field and buildings in the area, in order to determine which facilities are safe to use, and will advise local officials regarding necessary steps that should be taken in order to manage the situation.

The delegation is equipped with technological means and control systems that were developed in Israel. In addition, it is provided with waterproof tents purchased by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Albanian Government. These will be used as shelter for the evacuated population.

“The IDF, on behalf of the State of Israel, will continue to assist in the aftermath of any disaster around the world that requires its experience and capabilities,” said the IDF statement.

Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit