'Kill Jews': Rabbi beaten, left bleeding in London attack

Rabbi visiting the UK assaulted in anti-Semitic attack, left bleeding on the ground in northeast London as assailants screamed 'kill Jews'.

David Rosenberg ,

UK police (stock image)
UK police (stock image)

A rabbi visiting Britain last week was assaulted by a pair of teenagers Friday in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London.

According to the Shomrim, a Jewish neighborhood watch group, a “senior rabbi” visiting Britain was beaten in a “vicious” beating that left him bleeding on the ground.

The incident occurred during the Sabbath Friday night, and has since been reported to local police.

The assailants, two teenagers, screamed “kill the Jews” and “f*** the Jews” during the attack.

“Amhurst Park #N16 Fri 21.45, senior Rabbi visiting the UK was subject to a vicious unprovoked assault and beating whilst the 2 attackers screamed ‘Kill Jews, F.. Jews’,” the Shomrim group tweeted.

Rabbi Herschel Gluck, chief of the Stamford Hill Shomrim, said the victim had been “beaten up in a totally unprovoked attack”.

"For a government that claims to care about anti-Semitism, this is another in a long sequence of such incidents where there is no credible response or follow-up."