Watch: IDF demolishes murderers' homes

Last night IDF, Border Police, Civil Administration forces destroyed houses of four operatives who murdered Dvir Sorek.

Mordechai Sones ,

Demolishing Sorek murderer's house
Demolishing Sorek murderer's house
IDF Spokesman

IDF fighters, in coordination with Border Police and Civil Administration forces, demolished overnight Wednesday the homes of Qassam Aaraf Khalil Issafara, Nassir Salah Khalil Issafara, Ahmad Aaraf Khalil Issafara and Yusuf Said Attia Zahur in Beit Kahil, near Hevron, the squad that carried out the stabbing attack in which Dvir Sorek was murdered in Gush Etzion.

Judea Regional Brigade Commander Colonel Itamar Ben-Chaim said: "We, the soldiers and fighters of the Judea Brigade, have as our first objective to guard and protect the safety and security of the civilians.

"Let every terrorist who tries to harm Israeli citizens know that his house will be destroyed and that we will continue to make all efforts with all the security arms to close the circle and continue to counter terror attacks against those terrorists who are trying to harm the citizens of the State of Israel," the Commander added.

During the operation, violent clashes ensued, involving dozens of Muslims who hurled rocks and burning tires at the IDF fighters.

Earlier, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett responded to the destruction of the homes of the terrorists who murdered Dvir Sorek: "I cannot promise there won't be more terror attacks, but we must charge a heavy price for from anyone who raises his hand against an Israeli citizen. Jewish blood isn't free."

Dvir Sorek's father Yoav expressed disappointment that the demolition of his son's killer houses took place only this morning, about three-and-a-half months after the murder.

In response to Channel 13 News, Sorek said, "It's a shame this wasn't done immediately, in a way that would strengthen deterrence and possibly prevent the next attack.