MK Zohar:
'No chance for Knesset Speaker's initiative'

Likud faction head Mickey Zohar explains hatred in Blue and White for Netanyahu prevents unity. 'Only way is to convince Liberman.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Hanging flag at polling station
Hanging flag at polling station

Likud Knesset faction head MK Mickey Zohar sees no real prospect of a unity government in the coming days.

"The Knesset Speaker's initiative comes with good intentions but has no chance of being realized," Zohar said of Yuli Edelstein's attempts to resume party negotiations.

"Blue and White will tell you it's only Netanyahu, but our ideological gaps and their distrust and abject hatred of the Prime Minister are what prevent them from agreeing to a unity government."

MK Zohar says, "The only way to form a government is to convince Liberman to join the Right-leaning camp in a government of 63".

Likud negotiating team: Elkin, Edelstein, Levin

Last night, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein met with the Blue and White negotiation team. It was reported that meetings were conducted in a positive atmosphere. Both teams approved the Knesset Speaker's proposal for a joint meeting in his presence at the Knesset on Sunday.

Previously, MK Moshe Ya'alon from Blue and White met with the Knesset Speaker. At the end of the meeting, Ya'alon said his party was not prepared to sit with the Prime Minister in the current situation. "We won't sit in a government headed by Netanyahu as long as he's not acquitted in court of any serious charges against him."

Ya'alon added, "I met with MK Yuli Edelstein today to try to prevent elections. I made it clear that Blue and White is trying to form a unity government with the Likud, as we announced from the beginning. We also made it clear that we're ready to rotate in the post of prime minister, on condition that Benny Gantz is first.

"We'll continue to strive for unity and do everything possible to avoid further elections, but we won't deviate from our values ​​and commitments to our constituents. I expressed to the Knesset Speaker my sincere appreciation for his efforts to achieve unity and prevent further elections."