Overwhelming support for Israeli resolution at the UN

With 147 countries in favor, UN adopts Israeli resolution on "Agricultural Technology for Sustainable Development".

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Danny Danon
Danny Danon
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The United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday adopted a majority of resolutions proposed by Israel on "Agricultural Technologies for Development" that aligns with the UN Secretary-General's policies to eradicate poverty and hunger worldwide.

The Arab League chose to abstain from voting, instead of voting against. 147 countries decided to vote in favor of the resolution, thus listing their names alongside the State of Israel.

The Israeli resolution is intended to help improve access to agricultural technology capabilities for developing countries, helping fulfill the Secretary-General's goal of promoting sustainable development.

The resolution speaks to Israel's strong capabilities in agriculture, irrigation and water management practices, youth job creation in agriculture, and is consistent with Israel's longstanding cooperation with other countries, especially in Africa. The overwhelming support the resolution received indicates its importance for many nations around the world, especially developing countries.

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, thanked the countries that supported the resolution.

"Israeli technologies have made the State of Israel a global power of knowledge and innovation that contributes to the global development effort. The countries that chose not to support us are the very ones that need to implement this resolution the most. Their decision to stick to their political biases only ends up harming their citizens, who are thirsty for the technology and advancement opportunities outlined in the resolution," he said.