Sderot Mayor demands strong, firm response

Sderot Mayor to PM: 'What will you do tonight so our children will sleep peacefully and terrorists who shoot at them will be eliminated?'

Mordechai Sones ,

Kobi Richter/TPS

Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi calls on Prime Minister Netanyahu tonight to order a strong military response to the rocket fire at his city.

"Prime Minister, Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, two weeks you ordered to diffuse a ticking bomb in Gaza," Davidi began, recalling, "Two rockets were fired at Sderot this evening."

"If you do not call for a strong and firm response to eliminate the squad that fired the missiles in our direction, you will prove in your lack of response that you are giving Hamas and Jihad immunity," said Davidi.

"What are you going to do tonight so that our children will sleep peacefully and the terrorists who shoot at them will be eliminated?", Davidi wondered, "deterrence is restored with initiative, determination, hitting and eliminating terror."

Earlier this evening, a Red Alert siren sounded in Sderot and several communities in the Gaza area. Residents reported hearing explosions.

The IDF Spokesman said two launches from the Gaza Strip were identified towards Israeli territory. Iron Dome fighters intercepted one.

No calls of casualties were received at MDA Hotline 101, except for one woman who was injured while on her way to a protected area and treated by MDA teams.