Daughter born to widower of terror victim Dafna Meir

Daughter born to Natan Meir, whose first wife was murdered in a terror attack, and his second wife, Zohar.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

''אחות ובת חדשה''
''אחות ובת חדשה''
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Natan Meir, whose first wife Dafna was murdered in January 2016 at the entrance to the family's home, is the father of a new daughter.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Meir wrote: "Outside there is a storm...the lights eclipse, and the truth shines. We have merited....great light to shine forth, and a new sister and daughter (and aunt) has joined us."

"We pray that in her days we will all rejoice with the coming of the messiah, and we will see the throne of [King] David restored and the holy city rebuilt."

The new baby is the couple's second child together. Meir remarried to Zohar Morgenstern in May 2017, and a daughter - Morgenstern's first, and Meir's fifth - was born to the couple in July 2018.

Dafna, Meir's first wife, was murdered by a 15-year-old terrorist who stabbed her as she painted the family's front door. In her struggle with the terrorist, Dafna saved her children and potentially others as well.

In November 2016, the terrorist was handed a life sentence and ordered to pay the Meir family 1.75 million shekel.

Dafna was survived by her husband, four biological children, and two long-term foster children.