Watch: 'Heil Hitler' shouted during Arutz Sheva interview

Man yells anti-Semitic Nazi slogan during interview with rabbi in Switzerland about efforts to fight anti-Semitism in Europe.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Man shouts Heil Hitler during interview
Man shouts Heil Hitler during interview
Eli Itkin

Arutz Sheva on Monday spoke to Rabbi Moshe Lebel of the Conference of European Rabbis at the Beit Yaakov synagogue in Geneva, Switzerland, about the state of the Jews in the country. During the interview a man shouted 'Heil Hitler' at the rabbi and the correspondent.

After the incident, the rabbis were asked to go back into the synagogue.

Rabbi Lebel addressed the anti-Semitic incident, saying, "Outside, anti-Semitic calls are being made and inside we are discussing how to address these issues. We strengthen the communities and hope that with the Lord's help that the communities will be strong and resist these shouts and should not be overly excited."