Naftali Bennett:
'Iran's terrorist forces in Syria will encounter a strong IDF'

Bennett's message to Iran's leaders: 'Focus on improving the lives of Iranian citizens and not on attempts to harm Israeli citizens.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bennett on Israeli/Syrian border
Bennett on Israeli/Syrian border
Credit: Ariel Hermoni/Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett visited the Northern Command on Sunday together with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Eyal Zamir, the head of the IDF Northern Command Amir Baram and other senior IDF figures.

"The IDF took significant action last week against the Iranian forces in Syria," Bennett said. "Our message to those Iranian terror forces in Syria: You have nothing to look for here, you have nothing to try to establish. Whatever you try to do here - you will encounter a strong, determined IDF that will harm you."

"To Iran's leaders, we say: focus on your citizens, on improving the lives of Iranian citizens and not on unsuccessful attempts to harm Israeli citizens."

Netanyahu said during the tour that "Iran's aggression in our region and against us continues. We are taking all necessary steps to prevent Iran from settling here in the region. This also includes the activities needed to thwart deadly weapons transfers from Iran to Syria, whether by air or ground. We will also take action to thwart Iran's attempt to turn Iraq and Yemen into rocket and missile launch bases against the State of Israel."

"Our commitment and willingness to fight Iranian aggression is absolute, and we are working with all our means to prevent Iran from achieving its goals. I can't elaborate more than that but it's a continuous process."

"Also note what General McKenzie, commander of US forces in the Middle East said - that Iran is planning further attacks. I can confirm this, and I can confirm that we are also continuing our plans to thwart this aggression by various means."

"I am doing everything necessary to sustain the government's work, the Cabinet's work - from where I come now - in all necessary ways, to preserve the security of Israel's citizens and the essential issues for the State of Israel," Netanyahu concluded.