Jordan: We offered to buy Naharayim property - Israel refused

Jordanian Fm says kingdom offered several solutions for Naharayim farmers, Israel rejected them all and insisted on extending lease.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

"Island of Peace"; Naharayim
"Island of Peace"; Naharayim
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Jordan's Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi held a press conference Monday in Naharayim, the lands which Jordan reclaimed yesterday after refusing to extend a 25-year lease to Israel.

He said the decision to terminate the lease of the enclaves at Horn and Naharayim serves Jordan's interests and was made in accordance with the peace agreement with Israel.

He added that Israeli farmers would be allowed to enter the area to harvest the crops they sowed.

Al-Safadi claimed that Jordan offered Israel a number of solutions for the enclaves, but all of them were refused.

"We proposed to Israel that we buy the territories it owns in Naharayim, but Israel refused. It wanted to extend the leasing of the territories. This was unacceptable to us."

Jordan's King Abdullah II and his son, Crown Prince Hussein, visited Naharayim by helicopter Monday.