Cabinet approves appointment of Bennett as defense minister

Minister Galant only one to oppose appointment, which does not need Knesset approval.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90

The government a short while ago approved Prime Minister Netanyahu's proposal to appoint MK Naftali Bennett as Minister of Defense.

At the opening of the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "During the meeting, I will bring Naftali Bennett's appointment as defense minister. I wish him success."

"I would also like to thank Minister Uri Ariel, who informed me of his resignation from the role of Minister of Agriculture. I want to thank him for his dedicated, wonderful, and long service for the State of Israel, in the government and in the Knesset."

Minister Yoav Galant, who has spoken several times in recent days against MK Bennett's appointment as defense minister, voted against the appointment at the cabinet meeting.

"Israel is in a complex and sensitive period of security. This appointment does not serve the security of the state and therefore I will vote against it," Galant explained his decision.

"I will continue to do my best to help the prime minister and the security system to keep Israel safe," Minister Galant added.