Netanyahu not promoting the direct-election law

PM makes clear he is working for a broad national unity government - "the only gov't that can be established, and the one Israel needs now."

Hezki Baruch ,

Amos Ben Gershom, GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made clear he has no intention of promoting the direct-election law that would take Israeli citizens to the polls to choose who they want as prime minister - Benny Gantz or Netanyahu.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu is not promoting the direct-election law but the establishment of a broad national unity government - the only government that can be established, and that which the State of Israel needs at this time," Likud said.

The proposal, presented by Shas leader Aryeh Deri at a meeting of right-wing bloc leaders, would see the enactment of a law for direct election of prime minister such that no new elections for the Knesset would be held, but only elections for the prime minister.

Earlier, New Right leader Ayelet Shaked said that she supports the proposal. "Deri's direct election initiative in the current situation is correct," Shaked said at the Anti-Defamation League conference. "We will support it - work on the law has begun in the Knesset."

"It’s possible to do a one-month snap procedure with the same pool of voters that exists and make a legislative amendment that says that in a case in which there are two elections and attempts to form a government do not succeed - a direct election between the two candidates of the two largest parties is held," MK Shaked added.

Earlier at the conference, Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz addressed the bloc of right-wing parties. "Unity is not a bloc in which everyone thinks like one man and works for one man. Social cohesion is a condition for unity. People agree on 80% of things, and the rest can be debated.”

"We will act according to what we agree on, and we will not waste billions on another election campaign. Everyone has one goal: the good of the State of Israel and putting all citizens first," Gantz added.