Gantz: I will make Kotel area for non-Orthodox

Blue and White leader says he will implement 'Western Wall deal' if he becomes PM. 'Western Wall is long enough for all.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Ofek Avshalom

Blue and White leader MK Benny Gantz vowed to implement the Western Wall Outline if he becomes prime minister.

"When I will be the Prime Minister of Israel, I will embrace all streams of Judaism. We are part of an inspiringly colorful mosaic of cultures and traditions. I will nurture this pluralism,” said Gantz as he addressed Jewish leaders from around the world Tuesday afternoon attending The Jewish Agency for Israel Board of Governors in Jerusalem.

He went on to say: “I will promote the implementation of the Western Wall agreement. Every time I go to the Western Wall, I look at the sea of stones — the different sizes and shapes — like the streams we have in Judaism. I'm telling you today, the Western Wall is long enough for all.”

Opening the closing plenary at The Jewish Agency Board of Governors, Chairman Isaac Herzog addressed Gantz, stating: “We are all serving together the great story of the Jewish people, the centrality of Israel, the need to include Jews from all over the world under the big tent of the Jewish people, and of course, to protect, defend, and foster all the Jewish people wherever they are – no matter which Synagogue they go to or which kippah they do or do not wear. And of course, our beloved Sstate of Israel.”

Emphasizing the need for unity among the Jewish people during a time of increasing global anti-Semitism, Gantz also spoke on his mission to avoid a third election and form a unity government.
“Israel requires a stable, responsible, and pragmatic government. A broad liberal unity government, which I set out to establish from the moment I entered politics less than a year ago. This is the government the people chose and the one that they need,” Gantz added. “The divisive dialogue is tearing our strong nation apart. It may serve political purposes but is shredding the fabric that holds us together. The rift between right and left, between secular and orthodox, between the haves and the have-nots, between Jews and non-Jews, has grown wider and wider.”

Earlier in the day, The Jewish Agency approved a strategic action plan for the coming decade designed to address the major challenges currently facing the Jewish people. According to the strategic plan, The Jewish Agency will work to ensure the safety of Jewish communities around the world and fight vigorously against the manifestations of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism that reached new heights in recent years. In addition, The Jewish Agency will focus on encouraging Aliyah and uniting the Jewish people by reinforcing the affinity of world Jews towards each other and the State of Israel, while building a two-way bridge between world Jewry and Israel. The Jewish Agency will also represent the different voices of global Jews to Israeli policymakers and within Israeli society, ensuring the involvement of world Jewry in shaping the face of Israeli society.

Speaking on the Jewish Agency’s strategic shift, Gantz stated: “I applaud my friend Isaac Herzog and The Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors for the strategic plan that was developed to overcome the challenges faced by Jews around the world. We are one people. 14.5 million. Throughout our history, our fight for survival and freedom has been empowered by a secret weapon: Our unity.”