Israel's 'Air Force One' revealed

New official plane of the prime minister and president seen at Ben Gurion Airport.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Airplane plane landing
Airplane plane landing

The aircraft which is to serve as Israel's 'Air Force One' was spotted at the Aircraft Division of Israel Aerospace Industries Sunday. Ynet journalist Itay Bluementhal reported that the top of the plane was painted blue and the bottom was painted white. In the tail of the plane is a giant Star of David and the words "State of Israel" are written on the body of the plane.

The aircraft will serve the president and prime minister.

The Boeing 767 will soon be undergoing a test flight. The aircraft is not new, and was built 19 years ago.

The plane arrived in Israel in July 2016, after many years of service with the Australian airline Qantas.

The cost of the aircraft is estimated to be NIS 600 million ($170 million). According to Channel 12 News, the aircraft has undergone special renovation, upgrading and adjustment to serve the president and the prime minister on their official trips abroad.

Among other things, advanced aircraft systems were installed against cyber attacks and missile strikes. Behind the cockpit in the bow is the Prime Minister's/President's study. Adjacent to it is the bedroom with toilet and shower and a well-equipped kitchen.

Below is the discussion room for meetings and consultations. Nearby is the Army Room - the war room - equipped with encrypted satellite communications systems and systems. The plane has seating for entourage and journalists who will enjoy, among other things, internet services and computers to work during the flight as well.