Bar Ilan U cancels demand to dress modestly, wear kippa

University changes student rules, which had called to wear kippot in Judaism classes, "avoid wearing revealing apparel" on campus.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Bar Ilan U
Bar Ilan U

Bar Ilan University has removed from its student discipline rules the requirement that male students wear kippot in classes on Judaism, as well as the requirement to "avoid wearing revealing apparel" on campus.

Haaretz reported that the demands have anyway not been enforced in recent years, and it has now been decided to remove them from the "Student Declaration" of the institution, which students are asked to sign.

The university also noted that the change comes as a result of the decline of religious students in the institution compared to the secular ones.

In the new version of the rules, the section on the “Torani” nature of the academic institution remains: "I know that the University's aims and trend is to foster and advance the study and research in all branches of Torah and science in the spirit of the Torah and tradition of Israel.”

"The university does not interfere with a person's beliefs and opinions, but expects everything in her gates to respect the institution and others, and I commit myself to behaving in a manner that respects the University's customs and following the customary arrangements arising from her special character," the document students are required to sign says.