Rain, hail, and thunderstorms

As the last of Israel's holidays draws to a close, winter weather becomes an inescapable reality.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rain in Jerusalem (illustrative)
Rain in Jerusalem (illustrative)
Flash 90

After a surprise bout of hail in the northern city of Tzfat and rain and thunderstorms in the Galilee and Jordan Valley areas on Monday, Israelis can expect winter to come in full force, a forecaster for Israel Meteorological Service said.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy, and there may be local rainfall across the country. In some areas, the rain may be accompanied by thunderstorms. Streams in southern and eastern Israel may flood. Temperatures will be slightly lower than seasonal average.

Wednesday will be wintry, with scattered rains across the country and a chance of hail in some areas. There is a strong chance that the streams in southern and eastern Israel will flood. There may be flooding in coastal cities as well. Temperatures will drop two or three degrees, and will be lower than seasonal average.

Thursday will see local rainfall and isolated thunderstorms.

The rains will pick up again on Friday, with scattered rainfall and thunderstorms from northern Israel to the northern Negev. There is a strong chance of flooding in the southern and eastern streams, as well as in the Judean Desert, and there may be flooding in coastal cities, as well as in the lowlands.