IDF closes hill where soldiers were attacked

Site near Yitzhar where right-wing youths attacked soldiers now closed off.

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View of Yitzhar from below
View of Yitzhar from below
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The IDF announced the general closure of the 'Kumi Ori' hill near Yizthar Monday. The hill was the site of an attack on IDF soldiers by a group of Jewish youths overnight Saturday.

With the exception of local residents, the area cannot be reached.

Earlier, the Labor Party's chairman, Amir Peretz, contacted Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Gabi Ashkenazi to convene the committee quickly to discuss the matter. He also sought the participation of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Netanyahu.

In a letter he sent to Ashkenazi , Peretz wrote: "These incidents that are repeated in the full sense of the word and as such - should be treated accordingly, and they must be resolved without compromise."

Peretz said the IDF's response and the security system are necessary, "but are insufficient in light of the slackness in the behavior of the government and its head. I would be greatful if you also invite Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Binyamin Netanyahu to the discussion, and also announce a date so that it is properly prepared for this important meeting," the Labor chairman added.

On Sunday, the secretariat of Yitzhar sent out a sharp letter to residents of the community following the overnight attack.

"The community sees the conduct of the youths and the attack on IDF soldiers as scandalous and shameful," the letter said.

Later in the letter, the secretariat noted that the incident was triggered by the intention to expel a resident from his home by administrative order. However, the secretariat stressed, "This background not does not imply any understanding for violence and the unruly and disgraceful behavior of the youths, but is only meant to provide a bigger picture."