IDF arrests seven suspects crossing from Jordan into Israel

Jordan's Health Ministry says suspects are not citizens, hold foreign passports.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jordanian border
Jordanian border

Seven Turkish citizens on Saturday crossed the border from Jordan into Israel.

The IDF followed the suspects, arresting them and transferring them for interrogation by other security forces.

According to Kan News, the seven hid overnight in a thicket near Neot Hakikar, south of the Dead Sea.

The Tamar Regional Council's Security Chief Benny Ben-Shimon said: "As I understand, these people are here illegally, and came to find work. This is not the first time. In the past few months, there were three similar incidents. This isn't about smuggling attempts or terror activities, they are people who came to find work."

Sofian al-Quaeda, spokesperson for Jordan's Health Ministry, said that seven people with foreign citizenship crossed the border into Israel early on Saturday morning to find employment. He emphasized that they were not Jordanian citizens.