Watch: Musical prayer service at Jerusalem's Great Synagogue

Jerusalem's Great Synagogue hosts special musical Hallel prayer services during Sukkot festival.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Festive Musical Prayer Service at Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue
Festive Musical Prayer Service at Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue
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Over 1,000 people took part this week in a festive musical prayer service held for the first time in the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem.

Makor Chaim Institution's Jewish Renewal Center held a unique prayer service at this historic Jerusalem landmark.

People from all walks of life, including Makor Chaim students and alumnae, veteran Jerusalemites as well as many Jewish tourists form the world over, spending the holiday in Jerusalem.

The services were preceded by a special preparation led by Makor Chaim head Rabbi Dov Zinger and the singing, dancing and musical accompaniment were led by the famous Cantor and singer Yitzchak Meir.

After the services, Racheli Fraenkel, gave a moving talk on the message of Succot and Kohelet from her unique point of view as the mother of Naftali of blessed memory- one of the Makor Chaim students kidnapped and murdered in the summer of 2014.

The prayer was held in memory of Captain David Goloventzitz who fell in Hevron two years ago.

Makor Chaim Head, Rabbi Dov Zinger summed up by saying: “There are those who keep their Etrog in a silver case, but no one would think of keeping his Arava (willow branch) in silver. Today, we come here to pray before G-d like lowly willows, yearning to be kept in a silver vessel like this beautiful synagogue, trying to upgrade our lowly status as an offering to G-d.